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    Rolling eyes Bad experience at Fraser Hart Cambridge (UK)

    Was being kindly shown some Tudors and a Longings at the boutique earlier this afternoon. I was particularly taken by the Heritage Chrono Blue ( the Monte Carlo), retailing at £3,160.

    Immediately I was offered the Chrono Blue for £3,000 if I was interested in purchasing today. Feeling that was still too rich for me I politely asked if they could come closer to £2,500. The salesperson shook his head, then apologetically said that would not be possible (fair enough) then turned to the boutique manager. At which point she approached us and launched her tirade at me.

    She began, in an aggressive and curt tone, to explain to me their position as Tudor's only AD in Cambridge, the relationship between the brand and Rolex, their policy on discounting, and how outrageous I was to even suggest £2,500. I felt like a schoolboy being told off. Congratulations go to her for making me feel completely embarrassed, and mortified.

    A polite ''No" would have sufficed. Of course I understand if they can't accept £2,500. I accept the fact that I made a lowball offer, but what I can't accept is being spoken to like that, least of all in a watch boutique! I was nothing but polite and courteous, and demanded nothing, I think it's reasonable to expect to be treated in the same. I left the boutique sharpishly, with an experience that was overall negative. Thanks!

    Anyone else here experienced anything similar? Was I wrong to lowball them? Did I deserve my dressing down? My opinion is that Fraser Hart boutique manager, given where she works, really ought to know how to handle lowball offers more professionally.

    Thoughts please.
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