Beater getting "Too Much" wear
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Thread: Beater getting "Too Much" wear

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    Beater getting "Too Much" wear

    It's summer in Canada and being a relatively short season, we here on the Canadian prairies try to make good use of it, so we spend a lot of time outdoors. I'm often in the yard or garage working on something and inevitably grab my beater. I grab it so often many of my other watches see almost no wrist time. My Hamilton hasn't been worn in a month.

    Working on the car -- beater
    Working on the house --beater
    Working in the yard -- beater
    Building the deck -- beater
    Riding my bike -- beater
    Knocking a ball around -- beater

    Does your beater get more than it's fair share of wear?
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    Re: Beater getting "Too Much" wear

    Nope, it collects dust as I try to avoid all those activities that have the word “working” in it. Thankfully it’s solar powered.

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    Re: Beater getting "Too Much" wear

    Yep, I hardly get to wear my other watches, but for some reason still want to buy another one.

    My "beater" is also my favourite watch though. I just wear it all the time for work because it's quartz and my others are mechanicals that wouldn't be able to handle the knocks as much. I'm also more bothered about keeping the mechanicals in good condition on the outside as well as on the inside. The "beater" is a bit scratched but it's not really bothered me, if it got a really bad one though I'd feel different, but I don't want to stop wearing it out of fear of it getting damaged though either. I have a couple of G-Shocks but got sick of the size of them. I wear one of them solely for cycling because of the stopwatch and ABC feature but that's it.
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    Re: Beater getting "Too Much" wear

    I loved my old beater watch, it was a quartz Tissot PRS-516. I currently don't have a beater but my old one got it's fair share and more of wear. I'm thinking of getting another 516 to beat up again or possibly a G-Shock of some sort.

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