I'm just back from Beijing and apart from being an enormous, wealthy city with more culture than you can cover in a week, no matter how much walking you do, I was astonished at Wangfujing St, which has more watches on offer than anywhere I've ever seen. In a 1 mile square block you have ADs for literally every major brand I can think of- Rolex, Tudor, VC, JLC, AP, Tag, Hublot, the Glasshuttes, Blancpain,Piaget, Cartier, Longines, Omega, Bruguet, Seiko, Citizen, UN etc. It is watch heaven, if you've got the cash. Sea-Gull has it's flagship store there, containing several double tourbillion models. But be warned- their prices have sky-rocketted and the cheapest model they sell is the M222, which has gone up 50% in price in one year. This was also the cheapest model they had, hidden at the back. In the main cabinets the cheapest model on display was 4,800 yuan and it looked exactly like the model they were selling for 780 last year. when I asked the salesman if they carried the 780 yuan model he suspiciously denied all knowledge of it. Get the old stock quick if it's still available as Sea-Gull have stopped thinking of themselves as the affordable option. Notable absentees from the honour role were GS & RO. This is very frustrating.