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    Bergeon lathe

    Hi, i'm new to watch collecting and have started to teach myself how to do some of the basics. I bought what I thought was a jewellers lathe a couple of years back at an antique shop, after searching the internet for watch tools I came across the name bergeon and soon realized that it was the same name as the lathe I had bought. Its model c I believe, it has the x,y crosslide as well as the hand turning post. I found out that they still the same lathe new but haven't been able to find a used one anywhere. Just wondering if there is a market out there and anywhere to get it appraised. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, jeff

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    Re: Bergeon lathe

    There's quite a vibrant market for used lathes, however condition is everything.

    Rust on the bed is deal killer for many buyers, it requires great care to remove it and maintain the accuracy and reproducibility of the lathe.

    Bearing condition is the other big thing, and is not as easy to judge. A lathe with poorly maintained bearings will require work beyond the skill of many users to make right.

    Included accessories are a BIG deal, as they are quite expensive to buy individually. At an absolute minimum to have a useable lathe you will want to have even collets from 2-50, although to be really fully equipped to do any work thrown at you, you will want a full range from 1-80. Any other chucks and other attachments are also important.

    Speaking for myself, I much prefer the American "D bed" WW style lathe over the round bed Swiss style construction that the Bergeon uses. Even so, a Bergeon lathe in good condition is quite useable, and would be a great piece to have.

    Before you try to use it, you will want to be sure to tear down the headstock and give it a good cleaning. I only use my lathe occasionally, and do this on a regular basis-it's the best defense to keep the bearings in tip top shape.
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