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    Best Bracelet

    Hello all, first time poster here - hope this isn't a topic that has been done to death!

    What is your favourite bracelet?

    I have a fondness for the Seamaster Bond, but I have to say that I am going to plump for a lesser light in the shape of the bracelets on the Oris range of diver's watches.

    They are integrated bracelets which some may not like, but are just plain 'muckle' as we say here in Scotland. They have a solidity and presence unmatched in anything else I've held in my hand.

    In looking for pictures to illustrate, the best examples I found were actually on this site, here;

    What are your own favourites?

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    Re: Best Bracelet

    muckle? wow, never seen that on a watch forum before. Or anywhere else, for that matter!

    Still like the classic TT Rolex Oyster.

    Oris bracelet is nice, but the case looks like a cow patty, as we say in Texas.

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    Not necessarily best, but my favorites:

    In terms of comfort:
    Seamaster 'Bond' bracelet.
    Rolex Oyster
    Breitling ProI and ProII
    Navitimer [fighter]
    Hour Vision

    Bracelets/watches that I wish I could afford:

    Blancpain X-71 [flyback chrono]
    V.C Overseas [love the Maltese Cross]

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    Re: Best Bracelet

    [QUOTE=RacingGreen;2751576]Hello all, first time poster here - hope this isn't a topic that has been done to death!

    not quite to death but in a moribund state to be sure
    but i'll play
    the bracelet on the iwc gst, aquatimer, and inge~ this one

    Enjoying a life far better than I deserve...

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    Re: Best Bracelet

    Ebel - 1911
    Dubey & Schaldenbrand
    Ulysee Nardin

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    Re: Best Bracelet

    For me,
    1. Ebel Sportwave bracelet - might look pretty weird to some, but it has the most comfortable bracelet I have ever worn.

    2. Omega Constellation bracelet - There might be a few other watches which compare, but very few surpass it for comfort.
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    Re: Best Bracelet

    I like the bracelet on the U1, although there are many good bracelets out there (and many not very good bracelets also).

    Florida, USA

    Sinn 103 St Sa LE
    Sinn 757 UTC
    Sinn U1
    Sinn 6100 Regulatuer
    IWC Aquatimer
    NOMOS Tangomat Datum
    Stowa Marine Original, 80th anniversary LE
    Stowa Seatime
    Doxa SUB750T Military Sharkhunter PVD
    Zinex Trimix GMT PVD LE Black Pirate
    Ocean 7 LM-2 GMT SE PVD
    Bathys Aquaculture MOP PVD
    Tissot TXL
    Seiko Kinetic Sportura SNL029P1 PVD
    Seiko Chronograph Sports 150
    Citizens Eco-Drive Calibre 8700 BL8000-03A
    Citizens Eco-Drive Largo Perpetual Calendar
    TX 730 w/ FlyBack Chrono
    Poljot Sturmanske Chrono
    Aristo Apucto HP6
    Casio ToughSolar ProTrek Titanium
    Various G's

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    Re: Best Bracelet

    Quote Originally Posted by scm64 View Post
    I like the bracelet on the U1, although there are many good bracelets out there (and many not very good bracelets also).

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    Re: Best Bracelet

    I really like the bracelet on my Aqua Terra. Some have question if it's a real Omega beacuse it feels so light and comfy.

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    Re: Best Bracelet

    Mido all dial, Seiko Monster, Fortis B42 Marinemaster. I can't recall ever having an uncomfortable bracelet, well, my Rolex bracelet was uncomfortable, so one bracelet.

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