Best Cities to Shop for Watches

Thread: Best Cities to Shop for Watches

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    Best Cities to Shop for Watches

    In your experience, not from what you have heard, what are the best cities to shop for watches?

    list any shops that you were impressed with in particular.

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    Re: Best Cities to Shop for Watches

    New York and Las Vegas, it's hard not to be impressed with Tourneau's
    Timedome and Time Machine. Kenjo and Cellini in New York as well. In
    Vegas, there's one store after another, checkout Roman Times in Vegas.

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    Re: Best Cities to Shop for Watches

    No. 1 has to be the one in your signature, Hong Kong.
    Singapore comes in a second I believe. New York I'm sure is one of them. But from all my traveling, I would have to say Hong Kong.
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    Re: Best Cities to Shop for Watches

    How about Abu Dhabi in UAE or Dubai? I'm sure that must be a shopper's paradise ...
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    A few of this and some of the other ...

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    Re: Best Cities to Shop for Watches

    If you're talking about best city of watch choice - I would say that London is definetly one of the best.
    But if you ment good deals, then I would like to know that too. Brobably Hong Kong or Dubai?
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    Re: Best Cities to Shop for Watches

    If I have $10 mil sitting in my bank account, any city worldwide could be my best watches shopping experience
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    Re: Best Cities to Shop for Watches

    I lived in Milan for some months, and there's a beautiful shop full of the big brands such as AP, UN, VC, ... on one of the sidestreets of Via Montenapoleone.

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    Re: Best Cities to Shop for Watches

    Vegas makes me drool. Wife can't understand why I spent most of my time in the stores!
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    Re: Best Cities to Shop for Watches

    Hong Kong, NYC!

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    Re: Best Cities to Shop for Watches


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