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    Best Microbrand

    What is the best microbrand to you and why?

    I have heard a lot regarding Halios and Smiths... generally curious.
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    Re: Best Microbrand

    I think different micro brands excel at different price ranges. Here are some of my favorites:

    Hamtun. Where else are you going to get a full grade 5 titanium case and bracelet for under $300. I have the H1 and love it, although the bracelet on mine is a bit of a letdown. It looks like the H2 will have a nicer bracelet, but if course I havenít handled it

    Zelos. I have a bronze mako with a meteorite dial and this thing is an absolute joy to look at. I love the way the light catches the meteorite dial and the bronze hands. The lume is phenomenal. Elshanís customer service is truly top notch.

    Probably Monta. I say probably only because I have yet to buy one, although I am looking at changing that soon. Based on the pictures/videos I have seen, and all of the reviews/customer testimonies I have read they seem to be phenomenal quality watches. I normally donít like to buy multiple watches from the same brand, but Monta might have to be an exception for me as I am in love with both the sky quest and the triumph. I am hoping to get one in the next few months and if I like it enough get the other either late this year or early next year

    There are of course tons of micros that I havenít tried that make phenomenal prices. I think especially in the <$500 range (good) micros really make pieces that make the established brands look way over priced. There is of course overpriced/low quality micros as well, but the better micros really are fantastic

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    Re: Best Microbrand

    If you’re into divers then Scurfa is worth a look because Paul designs some lovely looking watches. Zelos are also pretty neat. The bronze Helmsman was one of the few watches I ordered within minutes of setting eyes on the pictures of it.

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    Re: Best Microbrand

    Having owned a few different larger brands [ Seiko , Damasko , Sinn , Rolex , Omega , Nomos etc..] I can Honestly sat that Monta has really impressed me .
    I've owned a Triumph for about 6 weeks and it is a very well made watch . The reviews are on the money .
    I'm waiting to see what Basil brings this week and Monta will be on my list .
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    Re: Best Microbrand

    Raven watches from Steve Laughlin. Excellent quality and customer service. Iíve owned 3 pieces from him. Buy with confidence.

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    Re: Best Microbrand

    For a budget "grab-and-go" watch, I highly recommend Scurfa. Great budget diver - quartz if that's OK. For a higher end micro, Monta.
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    Re: Best Microbrand

    I think the Zixen Heliox 1000 was probably my best micro brand. It was simple, tough, had a good bracelet and great lume. Too bad those guys aren't around anymore.
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    Re: Best Microbrand

    I guess a lot depends on what style you like more than anything. I havenít seen or owned all micro brands so itís not possible to say which is best of all but from what has gone through my watch box, Borealis has been the best value. Great watches with good specs at very reasonable prices with the style and type of design I like.
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    Re: Best Microbrand

    In range $250-400 I can recommend Helm and Borealis. Beautiful watches, quality bracelet (especially for Borealis Portus Cale). Best bang for the money

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    Re: Best Microbrand

    Oak & Oscar without question in my experience. Fantastic quality boutique brand.

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