Best watch for a young professional
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Thread: Best watch for a young professional

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    Best watch for a young professional

    Hello everyone,

    I am a 21-year-old and I will be graduating college in a couple months. My parents have graciously offered to buy me a watch as a graduation present and I was hoping for some advice on which watch will best serve me in my life and career. I will be heading to graduate school and then medical school after college, so this will be pretty much it for me for the next decade.

    My budget is about max $3500 and I need a watch which is durable, versatile (for formal and causal wear), and maybe most importantly, will not raise any eyebrows from my colleagues or advisors. I’m going into medicine and research to help patients and wearing an ostentatious watch doesn’t send a very good message at my age.

    One watch which I am partially drawn to is the Omega Speedmaster. Science is a big part of my life and having that connection to NASA is incredibly appealing. Is that a safe choice for me? For those who have experience with the watch, how well does it it fit my criteria?

    Thank you very much for your help! I really appreciate it.
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    Re: Best watch for a young professional

    Speedy is a good choice because it allows a lot of straps. The problem you’ll run into is the thickness. I’d have trouble getting it under my shirt cuff and not having it constantly snag.

    What id be looking at:
    Omega Aqua Terra
    Tudor Blackbay 36 or 41
    used Rolex Explorer 1 (I’ve sern these right around $4000 and will be robust and fly under the radar)

    look at “GADA” watches. (Go anywhere, do anything) these generally work really well in “one watch” scenarios.
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    Re: Best watch for a young professional

    Purchase a brand new Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36 or 41:

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    Re: Best watch for a young professional

    I would stay away from anything with Rolex on the dial, not matter how under the radar us WIS think it might be.
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    Re: Best watch for a young professional

    If you like the Speedy Pro, go with the Speedy Pro. Even if I am biased and it's my favorite watch of all-time.
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    Re: Best watch for a young professional

    The speedy is a great watch! I wear mine very often and i love it.
    Imo also an Aqua Terra would work well for you, probably more ‘robust’ and GADA than the speed master

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    Re: Best watch for a young professional

    I have no troubles with a Speedy Triple Date slipping under the cuff. It’s tall but it still works for me.

    A speedy does not raise eyebrows if you want to fly largely under the radar.

    Let’s face it, where you’re at you’ll spend more time in casual dress than smart casual or formal attire. A speedy can dress up and down really well!
    Additionally, when you are dressed for rounds you shouldn’t be wearing a watch during an examination or taking a specimen, you’ll responsibly put it in your pocket and roll up your sleeves- infection control.
    You can however wear a speedy doing discharge summaries all day, timing how long between non-urgent interruptions

    For a good looking one watch for a long while, celebrating a good milestone and fitting both your criteria and satisfying the inner nerd- this has you covered.

    I say say get it
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    Re: Best watch for a young professional

    I was going to say a Speedy before even reading that it was on your short list of consideration
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    Re: Best watch for a young professional

    you can't go wrong with the speedmaster, it fits all your criteria and its a very safe choice that will outlive you

    just keep in mind that it's a manual wind watch, some people (like me) really like this fact about the watch, but some people hate winding their watch once per day, I know 2 people who own speedmasters but they not use it everyday because they not like winding it

    also, do some research if you prefer the sapphire or the hesalite version, most WIS prefer the hesalite version because it's the most traditional version and that version is the one that is certified by NASA, however some people like the practicality of the sapphire + the open case back

    and get it on the bracelet, even if you plan to wear it on a strap, since the after market bracelet costs a ton
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    Re: Best watch for a young professional

    I'm not a doctor (I'm a truck driver who drives a desk now) but because of my kids I've spent a lot of time around medical professionals, so I've wrist checked them often lol.
    Here's what I've noticed on medical pros wrists:
    Nurses - Usually G-Shocks, smaller sized, mostly digital but some analogs too. Older nurses are often analog with a decent dial size and metal bracelets.
    Surgeons and anesthesiologists - Same as doctors below, with an anesthesiologist that has a G-Shock square that he straps on to his scrubs while working.
    Doctors in clinical settings - Analog, metal bracelets or rubber straps. The Director of the CF center here wears a small gold dress watch on a metal bracelet. A doctor at another center nearby seems to collect Seiko divers. The two I've seen so far are a solar chrono diver on metal, and an orange solar diver on rubber.
    From observation, I suggest metal or rubber straps and decent water resistance - Easier to sanitize. Analog, preferably with good lume - Quick pulse, respiration, etc. checks in any lighting situation. Reasonably sized for your wrist - So it doesn't get caught on everything.
    My bias is to affordables, divers, and Japanese, in that order. So my suggestion would be a Seiko SPB051.
    Having said all of that, lf you want a Speedy, and your parents can afford it easily, go for it. There's a post around here by a mechanic that a WIS talked into posting his Speedmaster story. Short version, he and his watch had been through some pretty rough and amazing things and survived. Worth a search and read.

    Tempus fugit
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