Best way to clean watch?
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Thread: Best way to clean watch?

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    Best way to clean watch?

    Hi All,

    New to forum...

    This isnt an expensive watch but its a personal one.

    It is red with rose gold as you can see in the image. The gold section although you cant hardly see it has like a stain thing on it looks like fingerprints.

    You guys will have much better knowledge than me.

    is there anyway I can clean this and make it look all shiny, brand new?

    Thank You
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    Re: Best way to clean watch?

    A polishing cloth.

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    Re: Best way to clean watch?


    You can buy a two-sided polishing cloth at a jewelry shop. Red side is for polishing and removing tarnish, gold side is for wiping off polish and dusting.

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    Re: Best way to clean watch?

    Try the polishing cloth idea and if that does't work wet bits of the watch with your tongue (I kid you not) then clean with the polishing cloth. Oh, it goes without saying that if you have to resort to licking your watch it should be done when you are alone or people will think you a little odd.
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    Re: Best way to clean watch?

    ... then try a "Cape Cod Cloth" if you find you need something a little stronger ;) .
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    Re: Best way to clean watch?

    Without knowing the plating thickness of the case I would start out with the lease invasive method first. Also while I am a big fan of cape cod cloths don't let their good smell fool you (what I really mean is don't lick your case during or after rubbing the case with cape cod).

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    Re: Best way to clean watch?

    Try a jewelers polishing clothe. Other than that, gold plating tends to fall apart and the watch will be shot as far as looks go. Good luck.
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