a better bezel for the PlanetOcean

Thread: a better bezel for the PlanetOcean

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    Picture a better bezel for the PlanetOcean

    hi pals, i was wondering about the bezel on this wonderful timepiece, the only flaw i think is its imo obsolete painted bezel.

    now that we have seem the new ProPlof sapphire bezel, and the Rolex ceramic bezels, and the new Aquaracer Soft-Feel scratch resistant bezel, or even the new oris ProDiver ceramic bezel, i think is time for an updated version of this awesome diver watch.

    what do you think about this?
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    Re: a better bezel for the PlanetOcean

    I think the PO would look pimp with an orange sapphire bezel.
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    Re: a better bezel for the PlanetOcean

    Well, the bezel for the Planet Ocean is anodized aluminum...it's not painted.

    I do like the ceramic idea, but only if you could do it without making the bezel thicker on an already-thick watch. I'm not sure if you can also get the domed effect of the PO's bezel with ceramic or the other materials you mention, and that would be unfortunate.

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    Re: a better bezel for the PlanetOcean

    i was wondering what process was used, i didnt think it was pvd. thanks for the info. i guess i couldve just asked in the omega forum.
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