Birthday watch but which one?
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Thread: Birthday watch but which one?

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    Birthday watch but which one?

    I am approaching 40 and I have narrowed the watch I want down to 3, any opinions on which one? They are:

    IWC Mark XVIII
    Tudor North Flag
    Bremont Solo

    Omega Seamaster 300m Ref
    Oris Aquis "Hulk"
    Citizen Eco Drive Calibre 8700

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    Re: Birthday watch but which one?

    Of those three I would probably go with the IWC. The yellow used on the dial of the north flag annoys me. And the bezel I think makes it look too much like a nixon watch.

    Good luck with whatever you go with!

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    Watch List:

    Mont Blanc Star XXL Automatic (Ref. 101644)
    Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 17 RS (Ref. CAV511A.BA0902)
    Rolex Explorer 39mm (Ref. 214270)
    Omega Speedmaster Pro Sapphire Sandwich (Ref. 3573.50)
    Rolex Submariner (Ref. 114060)
    Tudor Heritage Black Bay (Ref. 79230B)
    Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 (Ref. CV01AJ.BA0727)
    IWC Ingenieur (Ref. 3227)
    Oris Aquis Date 43.5mm
    IWC Ingenieur (Ref. 3239)
    Mont Blanc Star 4810 Automatic (Ref. 102340)
    Rolex Datejust II (Ref. 116300)

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    Re: Birthday watch but which one?

    The Bremont Solo is a beauty!

    I didn't bond with the North Flag in person so I may be biased on that.

    No real opinion on the IWC - I've yet to feel the "pull" for one of their models.
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    Re: Birthday watch but which one?

    IWC for me. Best wishes for your 40th!

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    Re: Birthday watch but which one?

    I'm a big fan of the Mark 18

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    Re: Birthday watch but which one?

    Definitely not the IWC or the Tudor. The Bremont is a beauty and would be my recommendation if I had to choose among the three. However if you're willing to open up your search just a tad, I would strongly recommend the NOMOS Glashütte Club Automat Datum Dunkel as you cannot touch this watch for the money as nearly every aspect of this watch is made in house.

    Happy 40th!
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    Re: Birthday watch but which one?

    Personally I prefer the Mark XVII, the XVIII is a bit too generic looking and looks like a thousand other pilot watches that are all quite good as well, be it from Stowa or Muhle or Archimede, atleast the XVII had something that set it apart. Also the strap on the XVII is nicer.

    Bremont is a solid watch, you can look into one of the colored sides to add some variety to your collection. People here hate on them quite a bit, but I find the materials used, fit and finish and overall quality to be quite high and while it may not be an "in-house" movement but then its one of the those arguments that will never get resolved over here on WUS so why bother.

    Happy 40

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    Re: Birthday watch but which one?


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    Re: Birthday watch but which one?

    Make sure to try them on, they will wear very differently. I really liked the new iwc until I tried it on. Sat awkward on my wrist, hard to describe why but the lugs were very long a narrow. After trying it on, it wouldn't even be a consideration for me. With that said, the Tudor wore better buy is quite large, perhaps the ultimate compromise for your case would be the iwc ingenieur. That could be the perfect combination for what you're looking for!

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    Re: Birthday watch but which one?

    I wish I was approaching 40 again. If I was I think I'd treat myself to a Bremont.

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