Birthday Watch Need Advice $10k Budget
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Thread: Birthday Watch Need Advice $10k Budget

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    Birthday Watch Need Advice $10k Budget

    I am looking to get myself a new watch for my birthday. I haven't bought a watch (an expensive one anyway) in over 10 years (Last one was a Rolex Sub) so I need to make this one count as I don't do it often. My budget is $10k. I want something that is going to be timeless and not look out of date in 10 years. I don't have a big wrist so it needs to not be huge.

    Right now I am considering the following.

    Breguet Marine:
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    JLC Master Control Moon:

    GO PanomaticLunar:

    VC Overseas:

    The Breguet is my favorite but it's also the most expensive and the current version is the oldest of the three watches. The JLC is the most timeless, although it does feel like it's quite large for the style. I foolishly tried on similar watches from Patek and ALS and they were smaller and looked more right than the JLC. I have been wanting the GO for a few years now but someone told me it was a knock off of an ALS. Lastly, the new Overseas. I haven't tried this one on but I have never been a fan of the Overseas, however the new version is better looking.

    Are there other watches I should consider? I haven't been keeping up with the latest watches at all. I would like to get something that is reasonably well priced for what you get. The work that is done in-house the better.

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    Re: Birthday Watch Need Advice $10k Budget

    No Reverso? The Reverso Duo is going to be right in your price range and you get two watches for the price of one :)

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    FWIW I think its unfair to call the GO a knock off, they have similar design themes and language but they are quite different in execution, complications, and look. I wouldn't take it out of the running just yet. IMO the VC Overseas is nothing special and way overpriced for a fairly simple looking watch.

    I love the Breguet for design in concept, but its not the most practical of the bunch, the lugs are long and the design is a tad confusing, it looks odd with a suit and too dressy for jeans, a bit confusing IMO.
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    I'd go with the GOPML given those choices.
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    Re: Birthday Watch Need Advice $10k Budget

    GO PanomaticLunar = The best under 10k Dress watch. Alange Style for Rolex cost !!!

    By the way, if you do not mind you, the best thing I can suggest is Patek Calatrava 3919, It is the most gorgeous dress watch I have ever seen, especially the bezel !

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    Re: Birthday Watch Need Advice $10k Budget

    I like the Reverso. I am not sure I have tried the Duo on...some of the Reversos I recall were a bit tall for my liking.

    I think the Breguet can be worn with jeans or a suit just's a sports watch and they details and finish quality are nicer in my opinion than the other watches I listed.

    Any other recommendations. I am open to dress watches as well. I don't really have any in my very small collection.

    What about this small ALS? I like manual wind watches...though I do like to have a date.

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    Re: Birthday Watch Need Advice $10k Budget

    To me Breguet would be my choice. Truly a classy choice. Otherwise, a JLC reverso.
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    Re: Birthday Watch Need Advice $10k Budget

    Seems like you want the Breguet - go for it. The GO is very nice too, and they have a new blue dial as well.

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    Re: Birthday Watch Need Advice $10k Budget

    No brainer, at least for me, the stainless Daytona with the El Primero movement, so it would have to be used. It's timeless.
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    Re: Birthday Watch Need Advice $10k Budget

    JLC MUT Moon by a mile. It's thin, classy, the perfect size at 39mm (you mentioned your average/small wrist), and just a classic. The GO is really nice as well, but at 42mm and a relatively thick case (well, not to all of you Grand Seikoers out there, but I digress), it's pretty large, and certainly the most eye-catching of the bunch (a positive or negative, depending on wearer). That Breguet is giving me a headache to look at. I just think it's a mess. I guess I understand what they were trying to do, combine new and old, create a sports watch that still pays respect to the traditions of Breguet, but c'mon. Those square numeral cutouts in the middle of a dial intercept a number of circular numeral tracks, and the juxtaposition of the blued applied numerals on a silvered dial, and the black date numerals painted on white date wheels, the strap, the weak, my, my. Just not my thing. I believe that it looks better in person, because I never really loved Breguet until I handled them, but even with Breguet's detailing, I'm not sure what to make of this watch. Breguet does classic, and they do it well. I would stick to that. Oh, and the Vacheron leaves me flat.

    Okay, that's it. Good luck in your search. A nice problem to have, indeed.
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    Re: Birthday Watch Need Advice $10k Budget

    How about a SubC?

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