A bit of fun!
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Thread: A bit of fun!

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    A bit of fun!

    Right here's your challenge! It's a bit of fun. And possibly not what people are up for. But I'm for a laugh so here goes.

    Here's your weekend plans,

    Beach with the family
    Mountain climbing with mates
    Fighting a zombie apocalypse
    Romantic meal with gf/wife
    Trail biking
    Navy seals secret mission to capture a bad guy!

    If you only had one choice of watch to do all these things. What watch would you choose?
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    Re: A bit of fun!

    EZ....Rolex GMT.....I've worn it for five of those.
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    Re: A bit of fun!

    Whichever watch had its turn in the rota, though I might have to think carefully if it was the turn of a dress watch and I had to deal with a baddie.

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    Re: A bit of fun!

    Marathon GSAR on bracelet - with Sterile dial for the secret mission.
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    Re: A bit of fun!

    Lol, I refuse to accept your terms. If I can pull-off all those things in one weekend, surely I'm bad-ass enough to squeeze in a little time to change my watch.

    But for the sake of discussion, I'll assume I've taken a bit ill and I'm running at half speed (perhaps I have a bullet lodged in my shoulder). My watch of choice for the weekend.....

    Is a Sinn UX.

    But even at half speed and wounded, I've got a leather strap tucked away in my shoe. I'm switching it out for the wedding.....because I really am that cool.

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    Re: A bit of fun!

    Radio controlled, solar, G-shock. My wife does not care what watch I wear when we go to a nice dinner.
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    Re: A bit of fun!

    My Ironman 30 lap.

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    Re: A bit of fun!

    I got my Tissot T-Touch expert just for the upcoming Zombie Apocalpyse and cos it is tough enough that i can wear it all the time and always be prepared. It has a compass, barometer, alarm and shoots lasers.
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    Re: A bit of fun!

    Radio controlled, solar, G-shock.
    Same for me.
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