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Thread: Blancpain Piece Unique Hot or not ?

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    Re: Blancpain Piece Unique Hot or not ?

    Pure class ... way above mine actually.

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    Re: Blancpain Piece Unique Hot or not ?

    Quote Originally Posted by v76 View Post
    Beautiful watch, especially the movement bridges engraving - unique! A pity it is that big though, would make it unwearable for me.
    Funny how the size of a watch can mean different things to each individual. 44mm is what makes this watch a watch I'd wear. Although I wore and enjoyed my zenith Elite at 37 or 38 mm. Presently though I'd have a hard time, or wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a dress watch smaller then 40mm.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raza View Post
    The movement is beautiful. Shame the rest of the watch is so boring.

    I don't know Raza, this one IMO isn't boring at all, but it's design is timeless and simplicity at it's finest!

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    Re: Blancpain Piece Unique Hot or not ?

    I'd probably name it the Blancpain Modesty, it uses a plain side to hide the beautiful backside.
    I'm content with my watch collection

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    Re: Blancpain Piece Unique Hot or not ?

    I would say not for the following reasons:
    1. They left off the seconds hand. A big minus for any watch.
    2. Roman numerals just don't look right.
    3. The simple movement is garishly decorated and looks like one of those over done chinese watches. Simple geneva striping would have been appropriate.

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    Re: Blancpain Piece Unique Hot or not ?

    simple elegance on the front ... kinda lulls you into serenity, then bam, hits you with great artistry with the movement on the back - what a beautiful eye popper

    well done, Blancpain

    everyone has their taste and opinion, but to me this is a great timepiece in so many ways

    imagine showing someone this watch - I'm sure it might solicit words like nice, simple, elegant, beautiful
    and you probably agree, it is beautiful and simple ... then you ask if they want to see the back :p

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