I have a 38mm non-flyback BP Leman for which I am trying to buy a stainless steel bracelet.

It has been explained to me by the manager of the NYC BP boutique that BP watch models are identified by a series of three groups of numbers (e.g. mine is the 2185-1127-53)

According to BP this watch belongs to the product family, in this case Leman, or "2185".

Mine is the stainless steel case with white face, which BP codes as "1127".

This same manager told me that the final two numbers designates the strap. In the case of my 2185-1127, straps are -53 (leather), -11 (SS dress), and -71 (SS sport).

Below is the pic that the NYC BP boutique repair center sent to me.

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Here's my problem: BP boutique is telling me that the X-71 strap will not fit my watch because the end links are for 40mm and 42mm cases.

Doesn't the X- in "X-71" refer to the same bracelet as that on the 2185-1127-71?

Thank you!