Blast from the past! Guess that movement!

Thread: Blast from the past! Guess that movement!

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    Cool Blast from the past! Guess that movement!

    Ok, so I was reading/drooling through the IWC catalog, and I was reading about their vintage/specialty watches, and came across their pocket watches. Then it dawned on me, "Hey, didn't my grandmother have some type of pocket watch that she gave me a LONG time ago? Didn't I stuff it in a box somewhere? Do I still have that? I'm pretty darn sure I still have it..."

    So I went digging through the closet, and eureka! I'd totally forgotten about this. I don't remember really being that interested back then, but now that I'm getting back "into" it, it was suddenly like finding a hidden treasure.

    Ok, so it's not the vintage heir loom worth millions of dollars. Just some cheapo made in Hong Kong. Geneva. Probably not even worth a Lincoln. But I thought I'd snap some pictures of this beauty. Thing has to be at least 30 years old.

    Wondering if any of you gurus out there could identify the movement inside? If you look really hard, you'll see a part stuck to the backside of the sticker. I have no idea what that is, but all I know is the dang thing still works (intermittently).

    Front detail:

    Crown detail:

    Back detail:

    Can't decide whether I like the shallow DOF shot or the other:

    Dial face:

    Any guesses? Also, notice the broken part behind the sticker:

    Some cool lighting:

    Close-up of the guts:

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    Re: Blast from the past! Guess that movement!

    its a vintage Wanger 5903J or the 5903P

    i could be wrong, since i am completely making this up

    cool watch though, good to have an heirloom, the value is in the memories, not the metal.

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    Re: Blast from the past! Guess that movement!

    Zero jewels, pin lever watch. They used to be made in America and were known as dollar watches.

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    Re: Blast from the past! Guess that movement!

    now if the distance between the 2 second hand gear centers is exactly 10mm you have some parts for a killer central seconds 6497 there.

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