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Thread: Blue Dial Watch Recommendations

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    Re: Blue Dial Watch Recommendations

    Thanks for all of the recommendations so far and the link. A couple has already sparked some interest in me and will be researching them further. Like the look of the Breitling Superocean the most so far. The Rolex and Tudor recommendations also look splendid but I dislike the cyclops lens, not to mention my budget constraints. Not a fan of busy dials either so not interested in the Breitling Navitimer.

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    Re: Blue Dial Watch Recommendations

    Over budget but it's so awesome that I'm throwing it up anyway. Blue in green, literally.
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    Re: Blue Dial Watch Recommendations

    Quote Originally Posted by dsabinojr View Post
    Like the look of the Breitling Superocean the most so far.

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    Re: Blue Dial Watch Recommendations

    The blue Oris Diver Date is a nice piece.
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    Re: Blue Dial Watch Recommendations

    It will be slightly over your budget (or under if you're okay with gray market) but totally worth it
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    Re: Blue Dial Watch Recommendations

    Omega 2255, no longer in production but frequently and maybe currently available in the sales forums. Mine, but with a satin finish applied to polished bezel insert...

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    Re: Blue Dial Watch Recommendations

    For dress divers those Superocean Heritages are hard to beat...but if you're OK with used and much cheaper, this Oris Divers Date is something different:

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    Oris makes other, newer blue divers - some with more modern features - but this case with the no-wave dials is my favorite combo.
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    Re: Blue Dial Watch Recommendations

    A bit above your stated budget, but two more Bremonts:

    ALT1 Pilot:

    And World Timer

    I read WatchTime for the articles.

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    Re: Blue Dial Watch Recommendations

    Quote Originally Posted by dsabinojr View Post
    So I've figured that I need to have a blue dial watch in my collection (any excuse to add to the collection right?), especially since I like to wear blue shirts in the office. Anyways, I've had my eye on the Blue dial Omega Seamaster Professional (Ceramic Bezel). I've read loads about it on here and seen numerous videos on youtube and I thought I was in love with it and will definitely get one. But now I'm not too sure. The spark is fading.

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    I still think that I should get a blue dial watch and that's where I need your help. Would love to see your recommendations. It must have a blue dial, it must have a bracelet or at least not a leather strap (as it is quite hot here and one sweats and leather straps stink after a while), my budget is USD 4,500, could go a little over for something really nice and pre-owned is fine. I expect to wear the watch mainly in the office but also to the beach where I might swim with it.
    The Seamaster Pro is a great watch, but I'd also check out some underappreciated alternatives from Jeanrichard...they have some of the best blue dials in the industry. For something in the diver area, I'd check out the Aquascope with the brushed blue dial.

    If you just want the bluest dial out there (and an available terrific bracelet), check out the Terrascope:

    But lots of good choices so far. Personally, I just love how the Aquascope blue dial looks.
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    Re: Blue Dial Watch Recommendations

    Another Bremont - U2 Blue

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