Boring sub clones
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    Boring sub clones

    Anyone else find the proliferation of sub clones, copies, homages, whatever, to be boring and passé. I certainly do. Regards
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    Re: Boring sub clones

    This post will probably start a 35 page thread-war so I will try to strike some middle-ground before that happens, LOL. I certainly didn't use to think of them the way the OP describes them having bought two of them myself. Because of that, I am not judgmental about them and I still definitely respect and understand people that like to buy and wear them. However, I ended up flipping both of the ones I had because something just didn't feel right about them. This might sound shallow but one time some guy next to me at a bar said "nice Rolex" (it was a Steinhart Pepsi GMT) and I explained that it was not a Rolex and he said (without meaning to be rude) "boy it sure looks like one". Then another time I was wearing my Davosa Ternos blue ceramic bezel sub-homage and was at a fast-paced job where I didn't really have any time to chat with customers and this older guy (probably wasn't wearing his eyeglasses) said "wow, nice watch, what are they paying you here?!" probably thinking it was a white gold Rolex Sub. That time, I just replied "thanks" and the guy walked away. Now I won't say that those two remarks made me want to flip them, but it did start an internal debate in my mind that did result in my flipping them a few months later. And I will say, they were both excellent, high quality watches with Swiss ETA movements and great fit and finish and water resistance and most importantly, an excellent value.
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    Re: Boring sub clones




    (It's the WIS version of Candyman)
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    Re: Boring sub clones

    Yes. But everyone should wear what they like. Other people may or may not appreciate what I like. Additionally, taste in watches can change over time. Some who seek Sub homages today, might be interested in something very different several years later. I think that Sub homages can be a gateway into the hobby or a starting point for some...
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    Re: Boring sub clones

    Yeah this tendecy is not new and will probably never fade.
    The Sub is an iconic design, so when I see companies with a strong brand identity like Ice Watch borrowing some designs elements I guess it falls under the hommage category and doesn't bother me.
    It's a Pop icon, and as the Coca Cola or Mac Donald's logo it will get copied, changed, parodied etc.

    But when a unknown microbrand launches a model pretty much identic to the sub, with so few variation that it can pass as a Sub for a untrained eye, it start to get dishonest in my book.
    I understand that a 300usd Steinhart is not taking any business away from Rolex, as the people buying it probably don't have the kind of cash, or don't want to spend it on a watch anyway. Yet I get the feeling that it acts as a clandestine passenger. If this watch didn't look like a Rolex would people buy it? Probably not and that's the problem to me.

    If you cannot afford, or don't want to buy a Rolex? Okay, seems fair to me! But why get an identical watch and not something that has its own identity. there's plenty of awesome bang for bug in any price bracket these "hommage" are.
    Steinhart? get a Sumo or a Mako
    MKII? get a Tudor or a Damasko
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    Re: Boring sub clones

    I don't care. Also there is nothing like a topic that hasn't been flogged like a dead horse. Neigh.
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    Re: Boring sub clones

    I don't pay attention to things I find boring and passé.

    Are sub clones proliferating? I'm not so sure they're any more prevalent now then they were 5 years ago, 10 years ago, or 20 years because I'm not keeping track. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't.
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    Boring sub clones

    I would not have any problems with wearing a homage piece regardless of what others might think as long as it fits well and have a sense of representing an iconic piece the right way.

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    Re: Boring sub clones

    I don't find them any more or less boring than the designs that they copy.

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    Re: Boring sub clones

    i have a 14060m, but would love to have a mil sub homage with domed crystal, sword hands, red letters, no crown guard, and no applied markers. that would be amazing.

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