Bought Seiko 7N36 6A49 from ebay, Ripoff?

Thread: Bought Seiko 7N36 6A49 from ebay, Ripoff?

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    Bought Seiko 7N36 6A49 from ebay, Ripoff?

    Hey guys!

    This is my first thread on WS. Hooray! So I have always loved watches but I have never been attracted to those 20k auto/mechanical swiss watches that you see all the hype about (don't get me wrong I think they're beautiful just not for me). There is something about those robust, inexpensive, tool watches that can be beaten to a pulp that just intrigue me. I am a novice watch collector and the watch that has been serving me for years is my seiko SKX781 "orange monster". I love the watch and it has taken plenty of abuse over the years but the inaccuracy of the automatic movement frustrates me. I have to adjust it at least twice a week so if Im ever camping or anything for more than 5 days I just cannot rely on it. So I have decided I am ready for a nice quartz workhorse diver that will serve me 20 years+ (I am not a diver but I like dive watches because of their style and durability). Yesterday I purchased a Seiko 7N36-6A49 on ebay because I really liked its simple and rounded look,

    The watch is new, (the owner says he has just left it in a drawer and it has never been in water). It was $200 with shipping so I am wondering if I got ripped off because I have seen some online that went for $99. But all of the 7N36-6A49s for sale on ebay now are in the $200 range. And if anyone has any previous experience with the watch I would love to know their thoughts and maybe some specs such as the crystal material.

    Sorry for the unnecessarily long and rambly post (its late),

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    Bought Seiko 7N36 6A49 from ebay, Ripoff?

    I was thinking of buying that exact watch, I think he has a blue dial version as well.
    I don't think you got ripped off, it has a good movement and saphlex cyrstal.
    It is a very tough watch, congratulations, enjoy.
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    Re: Bought Seiko 7N36 6A49 from ebay, Ripoff?

    They're nice watches- I have 2 although one has a stripped crown tube. Looks like their value to wear is pretty low- prices drop by 50+% for worn models versus new. That being said, they are great everyday watches that can be worn with just about anything.

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