Bourne Legacy watch moments (**Spoiler Alert**)
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Thread: Bourne Legacy watch moments (**Spoiler Alert**)

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    Bourne Legacy watch moments (**Spoiler Alert**)

    Just watched the Bourne Legacy and there were a couple of memorable watch moments.

    The one that really made me laugh out loud was at the end when Aaron Cross and Marta were on the boat and they pan to the captain who was wearing the gold Rolex Chrono that Aaron took from of the factory foreman after he had knocked him out. That watch was used as payment for passage on his boat.

    Aaron was wearing an IWC Top Gun Chrono.

    There was a really good closeup of it around 4 min 15 sec into the movie. Later in the movie when he rescued Marta in her home in the country he lent her his watch so that he could kill one of the bad guys after which he told her that he needed his watch back, but it was the way he said it like it was a matter of life and death if he didn't get it back on his wrist immediately.

    Really good flick btw. Watched it twice, once to understand the end and once to understand the beginning.

    Does anyone know how much those watches (the Rolex and the IWC) cost in real life?
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    Re: Bourne Legacy watch moments (**Spoiler Alert**)

    April Fools day is not a winter holiday.....

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    Re: Bourne Legacy watch moments (**Spoiler Alert**)

    It certainly wasn't subtle advertisement!

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