Boy to I hate wating for my watch.
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Thread: Boy to I hate wating for my watch.

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    Boy to I hate wating for my watch.

    The guys that are working on my watch are pretty good people, but they told me 7-10 days and it would be done. Well were past that by a few and when I last went in they said today. I called today and said "I'm so and so they said my watch would be ready today I wanted to come pick it up"

    Nope not done. I know they are busy, but 3 times now I've really wanted to wear it to the even I was going to and was denied cause they are not done.

    I'm not mad at them just venting cause I really want the damn thing back :)

    On the good side I do have 6 other watches to wear while waiting on it

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    Re: Boy to I hate wating for my watch.

    Try ordering a Damasko!
    You'll never b***h about another wait again....
    Hope it comes soon!
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    Re: Boy to I hate wating for my watch.

    I sent my Tag in for service and they had it for 4 1/2 months. Waiting for a new crown. I bought several other watches to help me forget about it.

    It was worth the wait however since it looked and worked better than new. Hope you get yours soon.
    Later, Gary

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    Re: Boy to I hate wating for my watch.

    Do yourself a favor and do not get into vintage. If you think waiting for a repair is bad...............try a restoration wait. A whole new way to get zen
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    Re: Boy to I hate wating for my watch.

    Yeah I know haha and yeah I bought 3 watches while waiting. Two were gifts( camo gshock,Military Seiko Automatic ) And the Orange Monster was for me. I'm really hoping that they might just have it ready if they work on sat. I'm going to a big party at a new spot here and I'd really like to have it on. Funny thing is I know no one will really notice if I have it on or not. It just really comes down to the way I feel about it.

    Geez I need a break haha.

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    Re: Boy to I hate wating for my watch.

    Busy is one thing, but bad info is another. If it is going to take 3 weeks, they should tell you 3 weeks, not 10 days because it sounds better. I would talk with them politely,and get a firm commitment and make it clear what your expectations are, especially if you are a regular client.

    I am in corporate sales and I live by "under-promise and over deliver". Had they originally said 3 weeks...then called you in two and said. "hey, your watch is ready" would have been praising them, instead of finding it frustrating.

    What do I know though....maybe someone got sick or their kid had a baby and things backed up. I'm too cynical....

    Funny what you said about wanting you wear it to the party, even though no one will notice/care on way or the other, except yourself. I would imagine many of us are very much the same in that regard. Of course it helps if you have a fellow watch buddy there, then at least the two of you can show off to each other.

    Good Luck on the repair, I hope it is completed for you.
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    Re: Boy to I hate wating for my watch.

    Just got it back today. Looks so good. Just happy to have it back.

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