Bracelet sizing for the Citizen Nighthawk

Thread: Bracelet sizing for the Citizen Nighthawk

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    Bracelet sizing for the Citizen Nighthawk

    Hey guys,

    Does anyone here know whether the Citizen Nighthawk watch bracelet can be sized for a 6 in wrist? I am about to purchase one soon but need to make sure there are enough links to remove to get it to fit. I have a tissot prc200 on the bracelet which was sized adequately so am hoping the same can be done with the Nighthawk. Also, I have never resized the bracelet myself before, so could someone please clarify for me whether it is just a process of using a paper clip and hammer to push the pins out?

    Thanks for any info,


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    Re: Bracelet sizing for the Citizen Nighthawk

    You might just be able to do it but it, can't say for definite though. Worst comes to the worse you could always put it on a leather strap, it really goes well with them.

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