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    Brand Connection

    Your most expensive watch (that you bought).
    Think about it.
    Why did you choose it over some other brand?
    Is it brand connection? How much is that worth?
    A few years back I was deciding between a Nomos Club and a Stowa Partitio (and also the Flieger).
    The tipping point was that Nomos was very responsive as a brand. Sure Stowa is very good too but Nomos is very funny.
    They have great social media presence and all I did was inquire about a catalogue and next thing I knew, they sent one to questions asked.

    Is Brand Connection important to you?
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    Re: Brand Connection

    I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t.

    There’s brands I’m drawn to and stay away from becuase, for one reason or the other I developed a liking of them. The ones I’m drawn to are
    • JLC - they’re kinda quirky and do things all over the market
    • IWC - I just got drawn to, I like their tool watches (well the ones from 10years ago) becuase they’re just funky.
    • Rolex - I found boring and overpriced until I got deeper into watches and began to appreciate them for what they are. Price factors excluded I like them becuase they are well made, I just like the tactile sense they have in your hands, especial manually winding the crown.
    • Seiko -at all points of the Seiko and Grand Seiko market you have incredibly well made watches. Amazing bang for buck.

    Brands I don’t like
    My reasons are pretty fickle for this. Some, well all, are really stupid reasons but alas at the end of the day I wouldn’t spend money on these brands for these stupid reasons.

    Yes I very well aware how ridiculous my reasons are and trying to rationalise with me on these will only make me more resistant.
    • Omega and Tag - I don’t like for the same reasons. Too many ‘limited’ editions. I have a wave dial SMP and a Speedy. Both are two greet watches however, as much as I like some Omegas, I don’t like the brand anymore and can’t see myself owning another one (well maybe. Snoopy but only becuase I’m a fan of the cartoon,not becuase of its collectibility).
    • FP Journe - that bit of Latin on the dial claiming he’s the greatest. Incredibly douchy. I wouldn’t wear one even if i was given it.
    • Nomos - Stupid name, yawn worthy design
    • Borderline = Tudor - well not quite there yet but I’m pretty sure another version of the black bay will put them on this list

    Like I said, stupid reasons.
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    Re: Brand Connection

    Connection to brand as a statement, not at all. Connection due to quality (in whatever way that is pertinent to a buyer), absolutely.
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    Re: Brand Connection

    No. Brand connection as in their social media presence, responsiveness, or the thoughtfulness of their marketing/social media team means absolutely nothing to me. I want to be connected to the people I like not a watch brand. They’re there to sell me a product, just make a good watch (who am I kidding, just make a pretty watch) and you’ve got my interest.

    Now if you’re talking about pre and post customer support, then yeah, I’d like them to be on top of their game but I don’t want them to be my friend.
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    Re: Brand Connection

    Quote Originally Posted by chuasam View Post
    Is Brand Connection important to you?
    Oh, definitely!

    Watches are a luxury where rational facts only serve to support our not so rational decisions. I certainly wouldn't have bought a 4k€ Panerai with an Eta 6497 movement if it was any different. I have a Genesis Aura because I deeply admire Christine Genesis' work. I might buy an Alexander Shorokhoff next year because I love Shorokhov's bold designs and his philosophy. I'll probabaly never buy a Rolex because I despise the perceived Rolex snobbery on this forum. Etc., etc.

    The list goes on and on..
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    Re: Brand Connection

    It can be. Some brands really resonate with me on personal level. Doesn't mean I'll buy a watch I don't like from them, but if there is a watch I do like and the brand really speaks to me - it will certainly influence my decision.

    These include:
    - Zenith: love the style, the history, how Charles Vermot saved EP, etc. To me they are an underdog who keep getting up and pushing on no matter what
    - JLC - love their approach to watchmaking, styles, history, and how they maintain historical roots but also look to the future
    - RGM - love real US watchmaking renaissance, the style approach of Ronald Murphy, the focus on dials - enamel & guilloche

    There are many others too. Ultimately a lot of decisions we make - whether buying a watch or a car or a pair of jeans - are influenced with our associations with a brand.
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    Re: Brand Connection

    Of course.

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    Re: Brand Connection

    Definitely have a connection with Doxa - love their company, and their continued push to keep a small, but important dive watch on the market. I've bought a couple watches from them - and a book. And never had a bad experience.
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    Re: Brand Connection

    I would by lying if half the reason I own my Sub, Speedy, SMP.... isn’t because I like to channel my inner secret agent and astronaut. I like it, it makes me smile, and f-ck it we buy watches for weird emotional reasons and I personally wouldn’t get anywhere near the same enjoyment out of wearing an expensive patek and pretending my kid just got accepted to Harvard and I need to buy him a congratulatory yacht

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    Re: Brand Connection

    Yes, but nevertheless I bought a Rolex to compliment my Nomos.

    Quote Originally Posted by chuasam View Post
    Is Brand Connection important to you?

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