Breitling B50 Cockpit or Planet Ocean ??? Help !
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Thread: Breitling B50 Cockpit or Planet Ocean ??? Help !

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    Breitling B50 Cockpit or Planet Ocean ??? Help !

    Ok, as watch purchases go, this is as important as they come, and I need help. My Father passed away recently, and he left me his collection of watches, some modest, some top end. However, most arent what I'd wear, so I have decided to trade in 2 of them for something Special, to wear and remember him by. So clearly, its going to be a Keeper, 100%.

    The 2 in question to Trade, a Rolex Air King, and a JLC Reverso, have given me £3700 to play with.

    1: I've always coveted a Planet Ocean, love their style and simplicity. However, in 45.5mm & Steel, they are very heavy, so may well choose to wear on the Rubber Strap & Deployment. Plus, - 'Automatic' isnt something I'm fussed with, and if I'm honest, it would annoy me having to correct if not worn for a day or 2, which is likely sometimes.

    2nd Possibility, the Breitling B50 Cockpit.
    Particularly 'relevent' - as my Father was a Pilot for much of his life, and so being a 'Pilots' watch, as such, seems very appropriate.
    Love the fact its Titanium, so light on the wrist, and I like the 'SuperQuartz', so far more accurate.
    However, the 'reliability' concerns me, various reports online of problems with them, all fixed by Breitling seemingly, but once the 2year warranty is up, could get expensive ?!

    Help !!
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    Re: Breitling B50 Cockpit or Planet Ocean ??? Help !

    Firstly, sincere condolences, I lost my Dad a couple of years ago so I can sympathise.

    With regard to the watches though, I've just received my new PO 45.5 (everyone's probably sick of hearing this by now) and I love it, but you're right, it's heavy. Not excessively so though and it's very comfortable on the wrist.

    Having said all that, it sounds like with your Dad being a pilot a Breitling would be perfect.

    If you're not sure about the B50 then what about something older, they've been making Super Quartz for quite a while, I always liked the B1, or maybe even a vintage Breitling from when your Dad was flying?

    Whatever you choose though, I'm sure it will bring happy memories.

    All the best.

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    Re: Breitling B50 Cockpit or Planet Ocean ??? Help !

    Again, condolences. I've lost both my parents over the last decade.

    As to watches - maybe think about the new model Omega X-33? Also titanium, plenty of features, TC quartz and having tried both it felt slightly better finished than the Breitling and much less bulky. There's also the Solar Impulse version with blue and green highlights if you want something a little more colourful.
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    Re: Breitling B50 Cockpit or Planet Ocean ??? Help !

    Sorry for your loss.

    Don't sell anything like your fathers watches until after the one year anniversary. Wait. You may change your mind. You can always sell later. You can't recover the loss of what was your fathers personal item.

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