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Thread: Breitling like Swiss army/vicorianox?

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    Re: Breitling like Swiss army/vicorianox?

    Why not compare VSA to Breitling, or any other brand? Do you have brand envy or something?

    Sorry, but I will compare any watch to any other watch as I choose. I understand that certain brands have certain features, and/or people treat them with certain airs. But, I'm not into watches for prestige, I'm into them for style and function. And If I can get those and save 80% or more of the cost, then I will. And I'll be real happy too!

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    Re: Breitling like Swiss army/vicorianox?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rxq View Post
    I remember seeing a swiss army / victorinox watch a while back here that was similar to a breitling airwolf / emergency. Anyone have a link / model # / where to buy info?

    Quote Originally Posted by publandlord View Post
    The article isn't clear that the watch uses the exact same movement supplied to Breitling - only that it is an ETA 988.333, which is used by several other manufacturers these days. Nor is it described as a thermocompensated movement or even COSC.

    The Breitling's movement is a SuperQuartz (Breitling's term for thermocompensated), COSC-certified, backlit and with a deeper lower screen. The Victorinox appears to be none of these things but at the price, that's to be expected.

    Quote Originally Posted by RPF View Post
    It's identical to the older Breitling model using the 988.332. The difference between 333 and 332 is the larger LCD at 6. Accuracy is standard +-15s p/m. Non thermocompensated.

    The current Aerospace is a different animal.
    The current Airwolf uses Breilting's caliber 78 which is the ETA E20.341 Thermoline, thermo-compensated and registered by Breitling as "SuperQuartz". COSC certified (+/- .07 sec/day) by Breitling and reported by all users to beat the standard quite handily, typically losing or gaining well less than 5 sec/yr although ETA literature specifies +/- 10 sec/yr. The "Emergency" and the Aerospace use the ETA 988.352 Thermoline known as caliber 76 and 75 for the two watches. Again SuperQuartz and COSC certified, incredibly accurate to typically better than 5 sec/yr.

    May I suggest perusing the HEQ forum here on WUS and perhaps the Breitling forum for additional information as well. Hope this helps...

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