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    Breitling Stopwatch

    I just inherited a Breitling stopwatch from my uncle who flew in WWII and commercial for many years. Would this watch be a collectible or how do I find what it might be worth dollar wise as it is priceless sentimentally. I am new the the watch collecting world and loving it!!

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    First of all: Welcome to Watchuseek, I hope you´ll enjoy your stays here on WUS.

    I don´t know if some of our Breiting forumers do collect Breitling stopwatches, if they do they should know a bit more than I know. So my first advice would be to post your question over there.

    The best place to check prices is ebay, maybe a google search will always be a contribution.

    I own two Hanhart stopwatches which are of no special value but I have them and I´ll keep them.

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