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    Bremont Boeing Model 1

    Hi all, just wanted to know your options on the Bremont Boeing Model 1. My brother, who is graduating from the Air Force Academy next week, was in the market for a watch that he wanted both of us to have, in effect "twinning." I just wanted feedback on the Boeing Model 1, and if someone who owns it would be able to post a real-life picture and comments on the movement, that would be great.
    Thanks in advance!

    I don't know if this helps, but my brother's budget is ~5k per watch.
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    Re: Bremont Boeing Model 1

    As a former owner of a bremont, I can attest to the quality. They make awesome watches.

    Regarding that particular watch, I love it, especially in white. I dont think its for sale yet, but I might be wrong on that...

    But I will say this: it's an expensive watch and for the money you have a LOT of options. I would urge you to look at some other brands. For around the same money (or in some cases even less) you could get IWC, Tudor, and many, many others.

    I'll spare you the standard reply of unsolicited suggestions, but if you want them, I'm sure there are a lot of folks here who can suggest alternatives.

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    Re: Bremont Boeing Model 1

    I have seen a number of Bremont watches in the flesh and they feel really well made and solid. I was not able to see a Boeing but I do like the white dial 3 hander.
    They make a point of emphasizing the quality of the materials used and the strength of construction.
    My wife really liked the models she saw, we were on a cruise and did look in a lot of watch shops and the Bremonts stood out for her, she does not usually express to much of an opinion when I am watch shopping.
    Hope this helps!
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