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    Cool Broken stem

    I have a watch with a Miota movement. I it is a 3 hand and the crown stem is broken. Is this an easy fix? I will take it to my watch guy, just wondering if I need a new movement or just replace the stem. It was a $150 dive watch so I don't mind the repair if reasonable. I saw the movement online for $15 so possibly best to replace, provided the mark up isn't drastic. What do ya'll think?

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    Re: Broken stem

    Easy fix for a watchmaker.

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    Re: Broken stem

    Should be an easy fix (or a cheap part-replacement order off of ebay for a couple of bucks). There is a slight chance that whilst snapping, the in-watch-side might have snagged something else out of order - but that could be very unlikely.

    Hmm. worst case scenario, a replacement miyota movement - again, from an auction site, it could be no more than, say, a third of the watch value (if that). You'll be fine :)
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    Re: Broken stem

    The two tricky issues are:
    when the broken part is deep in the movement and can't be retrieved without taking the movement apart

    When you can't remove the stem part from the crown.

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