Broken titanium Tissot: repair, or sell?

Thread: Broken titanium Tissot: repair, or sell?

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    Question Broken titanium Tissot: repair, or sell?

    Hey all,

    I need help deciding what to do with my old Tissot PRC 100 Titanium. I've owned it for over 5 years, and it has collected a lot of scratches around the bezel as well as a broken bar in one of the bracelet links. Being titanium, most of the Tissot vendors I've approached have told me the scratches cannot be buffed out, and I've been told that as the bar in the link has snapped (rather than just fallen out) the entire bracelet will need to be replaced.

    The watch cost me around $600 AUD when it was new, and the bracelet replacement plus battery change is going to cost in the ballpark of $250 AUD. And it will still be scratched to hell.

    I've since upgraded to a Tudor North Flag, so I have no real need for the Tissot other than sentimental value. What do you all think I should do, try to get it repaired, or on-sell as-is for a fraction of its purchase price?

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    Re: Broken titanium Tissot: repair, or sell?

    If it has enough sentimental value and vendors are not helping then buy used as spare parts to scavenger bracelet links whatnot.

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    Re: Broken titanium Tissot: repair, or sell?

    I think the cost to fix the bracelet would be more than its added value sold with the bracelet, so I wouldn't get that fixed unless you personally want it.

    Sell or keep might depend on the cost of the case (only) refurb and/or current condition

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    Re: Broken titanium Tissot: repair, or sell?

    Unlike stainless steel the scratches in titanium don't just buff out. The surrounding material could be buffed down to the level of the scratches but the entire case would have to be recoated. The broken bar (link?) could be replaced if you could find a another link or another bracelet.

    Do you like the watch and would you wear it after some expensive repairs? If not, then don't spend the money.

    The market for well worn titanium watches is not all that great so check Ebay for comparables.

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