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    Bucherer repair


    I inherited my grandfather's Bucherer. It is a Swiss quartz that sadly is not functioning properly. I had contacted Bucherer directly to try and see if they could service it. They referred me to Stoll & Co, as they handle Bucherer repairs stateside. When I sent my watch to them, they told me that after inspection the parts for that watch had been discontinued.

    Basically my question is this: I have seen they are a reputable company from this forum and trust their opinion, but I would like this watch to run. Should I try to contact Bucherer again directly and see if there is anything at all that can be done? Should I try another watchmaker that may have spare parts laying around (anyone on this forum come to mind)? Should I swap the movement for another of the same or maybe one that would fit and function? If anyone can give me some help by pointing me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

    Here is a link to pictures of the watch: Bucherer - Album on Imgur

    Thank you.

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    Re: Bucherer repair

    I'd contact them and explain the situation and how much the watch obviously means to you. You may get a great answer back.


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    Re: Bucherer repair

    I am pretty sure if Stoll would have been able to fix it, they would have.
    Was it the stem or crown that was busted? Because yeah that would do it.

    Make sure you are contacting the right people I know it can be confusing —
    Bucherer 1888 is the jewelry store chain (Bucherer 1888 | Watches Jewelry Gems) they probably sold the watch to your grandfather. They know a lot about watches but won't be able to help you here.
    The "Bucherer" name went to the retail store name and the luxury watches became "Carl F. Bucherer". (Swiss luxury watches - Carl F. Bucherer | Carl F. Bucherer) They know a lot about watches but won't be able to help you here as they only do the luxury premium watches.
    The Bucherer quartz watches part of the business became B Swiss in the early 2000s. (B SWISS: Home) I don't know if they'll be able to help you though.
    Your Bucherer model was probably from the 80s or 90s —

    This model is similar to the BSwiss model "Advantage 4" although I am not sure how close it was in case size.
    That model info you are looking for is pretty close to 0186-185-2 — 00.50103.08.26.21 — it retailed for CHF 360.00 that maybe a possibility to track down but be warned the parts might not be interchangeable. I believe that model was discontinued a few years ago, it is not currently on their website.

    Your best bet is probably ebay you can replace this watch for a few hundred bucks if you can find it, if they can't use the BSwiss parts you probably won't have lost that much on your investment.

    Good luck ~
    From the BSwiss catalog a few years ago:
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    Re: Bucherer repair

    Did they give you a list of parts that needed replacement? If not you may want to have it evaluated by someone else.

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    Re: Bucherer repair

    After some back and forth and getting the courage to send the watch overseas, I sent it over to Bucherer in Switzerland to have them repair it last year. It cost a good bit of money in total (surprising with it being a quartz!). I almost ended up paying the same price my grandfather bought it for originally, but when you think of all of the repairs they had to do to it (crystal, movement, gaskets, repairs to the band, etc), it made sense. It also came back looking like a brand new watch (which I wanted)! I may have paid almost the same price as it was new, but it looks brand new like when my grandfather first bought it except for me now. The sentimental value is what means the most with this watch, and I really should wear it more often, but I don't get dressed up and tend to wear my Seiko 5 beater while I keep buying more watches (this damn watch buying disease!). So all in all, a great experience with Bucherer in Switzerland for repairs. They do a great job if you contact them directly. If anyone is interested (and I figure out where any notification pops up when I get replies on my threads), I will post some pics.

    Sorry the response took a while! I don't know how to use this forum as well as others!

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    Re: Bucherer repair

    Sweet! Nice job getting it back in proper working order, congrats. As for the money, there are a lot worse ways to spend your hard earned $$.

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    Re: Bucherer repair

    I would appreciate it if you can post some before and after shots (if you have them around). If not, then even after shot would be wonderful. (your imgur link did not take me anywhere unfortunately).

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