So I recently acquired a beautiful vintage Bulova Snorkel / Deep Sea. With my girly wrists I usually need to remove most of the avail-to-remove links. Now I am no astrophysicist, but I can usually figure out watch bracelets. However this one posed a challenge and I could not figure this one ended up being a Google marathon most of the day not to mention squinting and shimmied around trying to see how the hell this thing worked, got out the loupe, magnifier glass...the whole works. Well nothing that a stop at the friendly local jeweler couldn't fix and educate. He put it under his 20x scope and says, "Whoa...those are spring-bars"
Lo & behold it is indeed what they ended up being....really short spring-bars and really really worn out spring-bars that would've, without a doubt been the demise to this watch sooner than later. So long story short, $2.90 later he changed them out and away I went.

Hopefully this saves someone else the brain drain.

Bracelet was this style.....(attached)

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