is this a buren?

Thread: is this a buren?

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    is this a buren?

    I bought this watch on the Queen's Day Market in Amsterdam. It cost me €1 .

    It was originally given to a ship's carpenter in the Amsterdam Dry Dock as a reward for 25 years service (i bought it from his son).

    The watch was obviously a good one and is still running well.

    As you can see the dial is damaged, I wonder if the maker's name is Buren.

    Anybody help me?

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    Re: is this a buren?

    Could be a BUREN. Don´t think it´s a Paul Bure (known as Pavel Buhre, russian watchmaker).

    The "Uhrenfabrik Buren AG (Buren Watch Company)" was founded in Büren/Switzerland as "F. Sutter & Co.". Customers have been mostly Britains and consequently the firm was bought in 1898 by the "H. Williamson Ltd". The main subject has been to produce pocket watches.
    Caused by the stock exchange crash the H. Williamson Ltd. was bought by a consortium of wiss and british business men. It became the "Uhrenfabrik Buren AG".
    Their biggest success: the micro-rotor caliber 1000 . The first automatic movement with a micro-rotor imbedded. This caliber with a height of only 4,2 mm got patented in 1954. Watches with this caliber in it were called "Super Slender" Some Dugena watches also housed this movement, they have been called "Dugena Super". The follow-up developed movement then was called the "Buren-Intramatic". In 1966 the "Uhrenfabrik Buren AG" was bought by the Hamilton Watch Company.
    Your watch probably dates back to the 50ties or 60ties.

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