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    Buren Chronograph

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    I recently purchased this Buren chronograph on eBay. I love the way it looks. I only with it was a little bigger. It's about 30mm without crown. But I guess that's a normal size for older chronos?

    It runs 5 minutes fast per hour and none of the chronograph functions work.

    My watchmaker quoted me $300 to fix it.

    Now, I'm trying to get a feeling about the worth / collectibility of this watch. I would appreciate any input from the forum whether you guys think it's money well spent on this watch (I bought it for $200).

    Also, I'd welcome any information anyone has about this brand, how old the watch might be (I'm thinking late 30s?) and what calibre Venus movement it is, etc..

    Thank you so much for any and all input you might have.


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    Re: Buren Chronograph

    It's more a f11 forum theme ( vintage ) but until the mods will move, can comment. It's a Venus 170 aka up and down chronograph. Buren as a brand is the inventor of the famous automatic micro rotor which is now even used by Patek Philippe. Buren has also the biggest contribution due to its invention to the first mass produced automatic chronograph caliber ( buren base caliber, dubois depraz chronoraph module sponsored by breitling and heuer - chronomatic cal 11,12,15)

    No idea how much you've paid for it, but venus 170 is widely available and it's a so called generic movement to be cased in Buren. It's from early 40's and a low beat caliber - you hear it ticking. Worth the repair cost? That's totally individual. Me, if I would buy Buren for collecting purposes, would buy a micro rotor model not a generic chronograph.
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    Re: Buren Chronograph

    I'm not an expert by any means, but I think that's a pretty cool watch. $500 total for a sharp vintage column-wheel chrono? I'd go for it.

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