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    Buying used

    What type of discount on the new price do you expect to get when buying a used watch? For example, when I buy used camera gear I try to purchase it for 70% of what I could get it for new if its in excellent condition. If you were in the market for a used watch that retails new for $500 what would you expect to buy it for? Based on my 70% rule that would price it at $350...

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    Re: Buying used

    You can find anything from actually higher prices on limited edition or hard-to-get pieces (or iconic classics/vintage) all the way to 70%-80% OFF, meaning price is = 30% of MSRP.

    Condition, brand, model, seller, buyer - many variables. Word of caution though - when buying watches, always do your homework/reserach: if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Most likely as with camera gear, always be careful of lemons or outright fakes, scammers and the like...

    Good luck hunting!
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    Re: Buying used

    Depends HEAVILY on the brands and models.

    Rolex can sometimes be more expensive than what they retailed around that era.
    (i.e. Rolex GMT II circa 1992 = $3500 MSRP - now sells just about the same price in OK condition, Good minty condition one that was recently serviced can EASILY go for around $4K if not more..)

    Also, it depends on how much the MSRP has risen for the watch as well. (for example, Rolex no date sub's MSRP has risen $2000 in last 6 years!! - From $3850 to $5850. So, if someone offers 5 yr old nodate sub for 70% price of $4K sound like a bargain, but it was brand new price 5 years ago..)

    It also depends on popularity and current AD discounts.

    For example, if let's say AD currently discounts 20% on a watch (around usual for IWC/Omega/etc.) then you should not expect to pay even close to 70% of MSRP for the watch unless the watch is rare model which is again very RARE case indeed for modern watches.

    Just look at ebay recently closed auction or TZ or WUS for sale forums to gauge what the prices for these watches are.
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    Re: Buying used

    Depends on the watch, the make, discontinued or not, condition, box, papers, availability. And....................there is no rule.
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