buying watch from US online stores ? is it safe

Thread: buying watch from US online stores ? is it safe

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    Question buying watch from US online stores ? is it safe


    this is my first post here (and my first purchase of a "luxury" watch), so look forward to assistance from more experienced members.

    I live in Australia, and I am looking to buy my first "luxury watch". I have narrowed it down to Omega De Ville Prestige (two tone) and B&M Classima Executive 8833

    why these two ? because of what is available on display in shops here - these 2 were sort of in my budget, and I dont like too chunky/too thick sports sort of watches.

    out of curiosity, i looked at online store like amazon, and couple of other online stores in US, and with current exchange rate, the price difference is around $800-$1000 per watch !!

    fair enough, they say that I would not get proper manufacturer warranty - but honestly if such expensive watches can go wrong in first 2-3 years then I would stick to my Titan (made in india) watch.

    In any case - I would welcome recommendations of trusted online stores in US where I can look at to buy watches. I suppose most of them would ship to austrlia ??

    Also, given my budget of max $4000 - are there any recommendations re which other watches I should consider.

    I would most appreciate comments from members in Australia who have had expereince of buying watches from overseas.

    Many thanks again for your kind attention to my post.


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    Re: buying watch from US online stores ? is it safe

    Stick to your Titan, they do "go wrong," I took in quite a few. It's a fallacy, that the more expensive the watch, the tougher it
    is. They tend to be more fragile.

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    Re: buying watch from US online stores ? is it safe

    Some of the U.S. online stores sell to customers abroad and some do not. My advice is to always use a credit card to pay. You virtually get 100% protection that way. If the value of the watch plus shipping is over AU$1000.00 you will need to pay GST at 10% and if the watch arrives via a Courier Service such as Fedex, they will also seek an additional fee as well as GST which needs to be paid before they will give you the parcel.

    I've never had a problem with >$1000 watches I have bought from US online stores. I understand they offer their own warranty but you should also consider that you have the problem of sending it back there for warranty if you choose to do that.

    You might also consider doing some talking to your local authorised dealer. They want your business and will often dramatically lower their price for a potential customer. Consider that you may be paying a few hundred dollars more on a $2000.00 watch but it will have full manufacturer's warranty and ease of return if need be.

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    Re: buying watch from US online stores ? is it safe

    Check the site and if a seller is listed there, they are generally safe to do business with. Sales sites don't get to be popular with collectors unless they have good business practices. Still take precautions however -- use a credit card with good buyers protection and shipping that can be tracked. Just remember that if there is a problem, you are going to be able to do very little about it with a seller halfway around the world.

    So what difference does it make, whether it's 20 minutes or 20 years, since neither amounts to the faintest echo of the tiniest whisper in the thunder of time.

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