My wife has a watch she absolutely loves, but 10 days after a battery change something has gone wrong and it won't keep good time, I mean off by hours per day. The shop denies any responsibility, just to open it and "diagnose" it at a reputable jeweler I am looking at 1/3 what I paid for the watch 4 years ago,(she needed a cheap watch to tide her over till her Movado came back from service), and then decided she liked it better than her significantly more expensive Movado, add on the $28 already spent to get the battery changed I am looking at way too much for a cheap watch to be fixed. Unfortunately this particular watch is not available anymore.

The movement is listed as a Caliber K83/103 which claims to be swiss parts assembled in the far east. for the price of an $8 movement and $25 tool kit off amazon I think I can replace the entire movement myself. Is there a better replacement version for that movement than the $7~$10 version I keep seeing online from ISA?