Can any one identify this watch?

Thread: Can any one identify this watch?

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    Rolling eyes Can any one identify this watch?

    I have a pulsar 701506 crono purchased in 1988 white dial gold tone case, can any one tell me anything about this watch. Any info would be a great help thanks.

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    Re: Can any one identify this watch?

    Since you already know the model number and the year of manufacture there's not much more anyone can do to help you. I'm assuming it's a quartz model. Pictures sometimes help but normally only for identifying the decade (which you know.)

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    Re: Can any one identify this watch?

    Since you have identified the watch pretty well I'm not sure what else you are looking for. Quartz chrono watches from Pulsar and the parent Seiko were produced in relatively great numbers so they are fairly common on the resale market. They are typically very accurate and durable.

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