can anyone give me information on this watch

Thread: can anyone give me information on this watch

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    can anyone give me information on this watch

    It has the ford logo on the face and says quartz on it as well but has no other markings. It was my grandpas watch and just want to know more about it. I also have a digital mercury watch i would like to know about as well. It was made in hong kong.
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    Re: can anyone give me information on this watch

    They were probably both made in Hong Kong, 80's for the digital, but the Ford logo somewhere between the 80's and 90's is most likely.

    These were all made to spec by large OEMs, and don't have a name or history as such. If you are confident opening one then there might be a little more info inside the case and you can see which movement (mechanism) they use. The analog Ford watch is a copy/homage of a Rolex Datejust -- legal because the branding is different. These style watches were exceedingly common/popular in the late 80's through mid '90's.

    The value on that one is going to be sentimental only, but it is sentimental for sure. I have my grandfather's Timex. It doesn't run, and may never be cost-effective to make it run, but it's important to have...
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    Thank you!

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