Can lume "break in?"
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Thread: Can lume "break in?"

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    Can lume "break in?"

    Hey guys. I'm no noob to watches and I know that lume fades over the years, but can lume get brighter if it is a new watch? I've gone through a lot of divers and know what strong lume is. Reason for my question, is that I just purchased a fortis Marinemaster from Jomashop about a week ago and was underwhelmed by the lume the first few days. A few days ago I put a 300 lumen led flashlight to it about 5 times throughout the day for about 30 seconds each time, and the lume seems to have "opened up." It's taking a charge easier and lasting longer. I wanna say the same thing happened to my Oris when I bought it at torneau, they didn't give me the display model, but one from the back. Who knows how long it was sitting on the shelf in its case in complete darkness. Same with Jomashop, who knows how long my watch sitting in pitch black. I know what strong lume is. According to reviews, the new fortis marine masters with blue lume are supposed to be pretty legit in the lume department. Is there such a thing as "waking the lume up from sleep?!?!"

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    Re: Can lume "break in?"

    Similar happened with my Seiko SBDX017 (new MM300), first night I got it I immediately compared it to my Shogun and SKX and was rather disappointed that it had noticeably weaker brightness and didn't last as long. Now I'd say the MM lume is the strongest I have, the Shogun a close second.

    PS. I did nothing to it, it seemed to happen over time and I only noticed later.
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    Re: Can lume "break in?"

    I've never heard of anything like that, but congrats on the Fortis, it's a great looking watch.

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    Re: Can lume "break in?"

    I don't think that's possible.
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    Re: Can lume "break in?"

    I am going to try this and report back with my results.

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    Re: Can lume "break in?"

    Not sure, my lumes have always been pretty much the same in the first couple weeks.

    What I HAVE noticed, is that sometimes my BGB9 (White Superlum that shines blue) shines more greenish and sometimes blueish. Random. I do wonder why this is. Is it my eyes? The light source? Temperature of the watch?
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    Re: Can lume "break in?"

    Interesting question and observation.

    When I started my watch hobby, I noticed many commented how their lume are able to last through the night. But I just did not experience it, as all my watches (except tritium and digital) did not seem to last till the ending credits of a 2 - 3 hours movie. For a long time, I thought that it was just BS.

    However, I realised a few months ago, they experience it under total darkness condition.

    Anyway, I no longer care about lume anymore. I just buy watches primary because I like the looks of it. Good lume will be just a bonus.
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    Re: Can lume "break in?"

    I had a similar thought last night:

    I recently purchased an SKX009 and upon receiving it I gave it a quick shot with a flashlight. I was somewhat dissapointed as I was comparing the lume to my Orange Monster and Armida A1. I was fully expecting it to be as bright as the OM.

    Fast forward to last night (honestly, I came to this conclusion last night). I put on the SKX and as I do every night before bed I gave it a quick shot with the flashlight. It seemed to me to be much brighter than it had in the past. Did the lume get brighter? I don't know, but I don't think so. The last four watches I had worn (Seiko Chrono, Seiko Recraft = no lume, Bertucci A2, and Fossil) had decent to no lume so when I made the switch to the SKX it seemed so much brighter than it had in the past. I think this is due to comparing it to my recently worn watches rather than the OM and Armida.

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    Can lume "break in?"

    I will go out on a limb and suggest it may have something to do with the science of phosphorescence.
    Perhaps the lume is like a cell that can be at various levels of charge. When it comes new out of the box it has been sitting in the dark box and has decayed to an empty state.
    The more it is exposed to light the fuller the charge becomes. When the watch is being worn the lume is staying topped up. Perhaps it does loosen up bit as it becomes active?
    Much like the main spring in an automatic watch.
    Of course this is only conjecture on my part based on observation of others and myself, plus some light research.

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