I've been trying to find out what kind of watch this is, and I can only go by blurry pictures from a DVD TV series and descriptions of little attributes.

What I know:

The second hand 'ticks' (Japanese Quartz?)
-There's a circular stud on the inner (out) side of the leather band (closest to the body)
-The band is BROWN colored on the inside and BLACK (white stiched) on the outside.
-The strap end is completely round, not pointed or square.

I have these images, which show most of the features and a link below to the timezone.com forums, which has more pictures which may or may not be helpful. I've asked around in mall watch stores and nobody seems to know. The watch was worn by Jason Bateman in 'Arrested Development' (seasons 2 and 3.)

I've posted over at timezone.com trying to get help over there as well.

Here's the link to the timezone thread I made with more pictures..

Thank you,