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    hi all my grandmother bought me this led digital watch around 30 years ago im trying to find out who made it and is it possible to get a new circuit board for it. as the old one got cracked in half.
    the watch has no markings on the back so i have no idea which company made it.or even its value these days as its not a working piece
    thanks for looking.
    i have put a pic of my watch on my server for you to look at

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    Re: Can You Help

    I was very fortunate to end up with 2 that works but in my research of them on the web did reveal folks/companies that do fix them. Google "Digital LED Watches" and start your search. I should warn you though this could become very expensive for you.

    There are also companies making new modern in "vintage" style LED watches now so a module from one of those may fit. These new watches are copies of old originals from makers like Hamilton, Wittnauer etc etc.

    Good luck with your project.

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