Can you help me decide?

Thread: Can you help me decide?

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    Can you help me decide?

    I like both of these watches.

    I can't decide which one to get. Can you please give me your opinion?

    Suunto or Casio? (They are both roughly the same price)

    The Suunto is NOT Atomic and is NOT solar. (the Casio has both these features)

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    Re: Can you help me decide?

    My friend both watches are really great. Suunto is really beautiful and with good built quality and casio as well.
    One advantage of casio is that you will never have to open its back in order to replace the battery and that's a really important reason to go for Casio

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    Re: Can you help me decide?

    I think your only safe bet would be to buy both. I am no expert in these but doubt combined price would be above 500-ish? [could be wrong]

    In order to tackle this - buy the Casio - you pointed out yourself it has some advantages. Then keep saving and if you still fancy the SUUNTO after that, just buy it. Another idea would be to keep your eyes peeled and hunt for pre-owned. Then I am sure you can fit both in your budget ;)

    Good luck and whatever you buy - post pictures
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