Can you recommend me a watch in 400-600 ? (or $) range?

Thread: Can you recommend me a watch in 400-600 ? (or $) range?

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    Can you recommend me a watch in 400-600 € (or $) range?

    Hi all!

    New here, and seeking the wisdom of all of you watch gurus,

    I'm looking for a new watch in 400-600 € range, same sum in $, as if the watch is shipped to Europe, the sum gets pretty much the same in euro amount when VAT, customs and shipping costs are paid.

    Some criteria for the watch:

    Movement: Prefer quartz, but automatic would be ok also.

    Dial: Black dial, sapphire glass

    Size: 42mm - 45mm without the crown

    Complications: At least date

    Can be a normal three hand or a chronograph and everything in between except digital.

    Regarding the strap, got 2 options, either steel bracelet for more of a sporty watch or leather strap(no croco) for more of a dressy watch.

    Would like to be able to use the watch with business casual, jeans & t-shirt and if possible, with a suit.

    Prefer Swiss and German watches, so no Seikos or Citizens please this time.

    Could be either new or used.

    Looking forward to hearing your answers!
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    Re: Can you recommend me a watch in 400-600 € (or $) range?

    In this range I would check out brands like Certina, Hamilton, Edox, Zeno Watch Basel, or Steinhart. Plenty to offer that should match your criteria.
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    Re: Can you recommend me a watch in 400-600 € (or $) range?

    Kind regards

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    Re: Can you recommend me a watch in 400-600 € (or $) range?

    I think Christopher Ward has some.....A right proper English watch company.
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    Re: Can you recommend me a watch in 400-600 € (or $) range?

    Thumbs up to all those mentioned brands, but I'm partial to Steinhart. Check them out.

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    Re: Can you recommend me a watch in 400-600 € (or $) range?

    Tissot, certina, steihart, hamilton, all good watches for the price, with swiss eta mouvments.

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    Re: Can you recommend me a watch in 400-600 € (or $) range?

    If you prefer quartz, then the range is huge. Quartz chronos are very much available in that price range whereas you'd struggle to find a mechanical Chrono. To get an idea perhaps at least look at a site like and enter your criteria - price range, movement etc to see what's out there.
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