Canada Customs killed my watch hobby
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Thread: Canada Customs killed my watch hobby

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    Canada Customs killed my watch hobby

    Hi Guy’s
    I’ve been on this site and others for years, selling buying watches, straps, even pens. Looks like this is all coming to an end.I started noticing even small packages, straps under $50. Getting held and then taxes and duties being applied.Now it seems EVERYTHING is stopped and taxed.Last straw was last week.Had a diver sent to me.Seller may have put a lower declared amount, I don’t recall, but this was obviously a used watch, without papers, tags, or original box.It was held by “Canadian Border Services” and they would not release it.They wanted documention from seller about this watch....receipts, price, etc.seller didn’t respond or they couldn’t get a hold of him, whatever....CBS called me and stated I either refuse the package and send it back or it would be seized and kept by CBS.They sell these items and pocket the dough.....goes into general revenue and gets pissed away.

    It’s infuriating! And the amount of “duty”/tax they apply is’s obvious they want to discourage this so you’ll buy local where they get every penny and you support local business.But these are items not even available in Canada.Anyway, the whole idea that they can just seize anything and then extort you for $$ is obscene to me.I’m done with buying any more items, at least until these tax and spend liberals are out of office.Government is the biggest/worst mafia there is!

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    Re: Canada Customs killed my watch hobby

    I've got to say that customs seizing something where a lower value was declared seems entirely reasonable. This is against the law.

    Thread closed.
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