Cardinal Watch - Where to get it repaired?

Thread: Cardinal Watch - Where to get it repaired?

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    Cardinal Watch - Where to get it repaired?

    Hi all! I'm a new member!

    Two or three years ago, I bought a Cardinal brand quartz watch from Zellers. Since then, the store has been closed and I've somehow broken the date wheel. The only watch specialty stores anywhere near me are in the rougher areas of my city and I'd rather not have to visit them; would I be able to take the thing to Walmart or something and have them fix it? Is that a thing? Do they do that?

    The only identifying marks on the watch are the name Cardinal and the movement model - miyota os10. When I try to change the date by pulling the crown to the first position and rotating, the watch makes clicking sounds and the date does not change. It will, however, change when the hands have gone through 24 hours, and always between 1 and 3, never at 12. I took the crown out of the watch once to measure the case and I think I damaged the crown release.. pin.. thing.. Would I be able to fix this myself without very specialized tools?

    The Cardinal is the one on the lower right


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    Re: Cardinal Watch - Where to get it repaired?

    No you need to take it to at least a jeweler or better still a watch repair place. Maybe mail it in if you don't want to go in person. They might be able to replace the movement as it's a pretty common one. But frankly these are probably not worth fixing. Buy a new one.

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