Case Back Bent During Standard Servicing (Nomos)
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Thread: Case Back Bent During Standard Servicing (Nomos)

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    Case Back Bent During Standard Servicing (Nomos)


    I sent my Nomos Orion 38 Datum to Nomos for standard servicing (via my local AD). Upon picking it up from the AD, I immediately noticed that the case back had a different number (yes, I know my number by heart). The invoice sent back with the watch reflected my original number and there was no mention of a need to replace the case back or provision of a new booklet for the new number. The AD said they would inquire with Nomos. I also emailed Nomos directly but have not heard back (which is unusual in my experience as Nomos typically responds very quickly). The AD called today to convey what he was told by Nomos, which apparently is that the case back got bent and had to be replaced. He could not say how the case back got bent. They said that Nomos is working on a new case back bearing my original number (I had expressed dissatisfaction with just getting a new (high) number).

    I am troubled about a few things (1) how did the case back get bent? (2) why wasn't any notice provided about the issue and need for a replacement? (3) why was it left to me to spot the change; (4) why weren't new papers issued for the new number that no longer matched my original papers/booklet and registration; (4) why hasn't Nomos responded?

    This seems very atypical of Nomos, where everything seems to run like, well, clockwork.

    What do you think?

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    Re: Case Back Bent During Standard Servicing (Nomos)

    I wish they had sent back the damged one as well. I would have liked to see a picture of it

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    Re: Case Back Bent During Standard Servicing (Nomos)

    Yes Nomos should have addressed the issue and let you know possibly before sending the watch back. That would probably have resolved many of the other issues you have now
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