Caseback coverings/coatings - do you remove them?

Thread: Caseback coverings/coatings - do you remove them?

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    Caseback coverings/coatings - do you remove them?

    Almost every new watch I've ever seen has some sort of covering or coating on the caseback; for example, on my recently-acquired Pulsar there is a blue static-cling-like piece of plastic that covers all the writing on the caseback, including the serial number.

    Are these supposed to be removed before wearing the watch? I'm assuming they are designed only to protect the writings until the watch is purchased. I have always removed them out of concern that heat, sweat, and other elements would turn them into a nasty mess that either stains the watch or stains my wrist.

    Is there any reason for keeping these coverings/coatings intact on the caseback?


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    Re: Caseback coverings/coatings - do you remove them?

    Quote Originally Posted by mjbernier View Post
    Is there any reason for keeping these coverings/coatings intact on the caseback?
    Nope. I'd be surprised if they lasted for much more than a week of regular wear anyway...
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    Re: Caseback coverings/coatings - do you remove them?

    I believe that the protector is just to prevent the caseback from being scratched by the bracelet or buckle.
    I remove mine right away if I intend on wearing the watch.

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    Re: Caseback coverings/coatings - do you remove them?

    I wore Rolex GMTs for 16 years, one for 11 and one for 5 years. Both came with green Rolex holographic stickers on the case back with the Rolex crown and model number. I left them on and they remained in place and intact until I sold each one. One buyer told me that while it's certainly not a deal breaker, most used Rolex buyers are pleased to see the sticker intact. There is no writing on the case back directly beneath the sticker anyway so nothing is being covered up.

    I always remove the stickers from watch backs that are obviously intended for pre sale scratch protection only.
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    Re: Caseback coverings/coatings - do you remove them?

    I always remove the sticker from the caseback - because I rarely sell my watches (although that may change soon ) I once had a dealer deduct $200 from the agreed-to price on a Yachtmaster because the green sticker was slightly faded!

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