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    Unhappy Casio AW-E10 crystal glass

    I know this isn't a fantastic or expensive watch, but I've cracked the glass (crystal?) on my Casio AW-E10 and I'd like to replace it. A search for a replacement on the internet has proved fruitless. Can somebody point me in the right direction to obtain another glass in the UK?

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Re: Casio AW-E10 crystal glass

    Why not buy the whole watch like this? Z

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    Re: Casio AW-E10 crystal glass

    Call Casio parts department. The price of the part plus shipping may come close to the price of a new watch however.

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    Re: Casio AW-E10 crystal glass

    Panic over. The crystal wasn't as bad as I thought. A bit of polish & a buff up and its like new, so it lives to fight another day. These cheap watches are good for a work environment. I'd hate to ruin one of my better watches.

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