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Thread: The Casio CA-53W

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    The Casio CA-53W

    The Casio 53-W is an amazing watch, in my opinion it is the best watch under £30. You can buy the watch for about £16.99 today but, the price is steadily going up because more and more people are starting to get smart watches instead.

    Features of the watch:
    · Stop watch
    · Alarm
    · Calculator, yes a calculator on a watch
    · Dual time
    · Perpetual calendar
    · 15m water resistance

    Features that sadly it doesn't have:

    · Time
    · Light

    This compared to the Casio F91-W, so to simply put it, the Casio CA-53W is 10x better than the F91-W.
    The strap on the CA-53W is a lot better than the one on the F91-W. It is a lot soft (less plasticky) than the one on the F91-W. And of you don't like It, it does look great on a 20mm black nato strap. It has a perpetual calendar until 2099 and it is a DD/M/Y.
    Some downsides of the watch are that it doesn't have a light or a timer. But dispute this it is still the best watch under £30.

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    Re: The Casio CA-53W

    F91 for me please.
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    Re: The Casio CA-53W

    I bought my daughter one for her birthday and she totally geeked out. She is now the envy of her scholastic bowl team.

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    Re: The Casio CA-53W

    F91W--unless you have toothpicks for fingers, and you truly need a teeny tiny calculator on your wrist, then to me the choice is rather obvious, I wear watches to tell the basic time, which the F91 does better (easier to read) than the 53--your arguments notwithstanding--as for the "fit" of either watch--you're kidding right--you're talking about the wear aesthetics of what are essentially throw away watches!? Features not all that different, once you remove the mini-calculator:
    • Alarm
    • Night Light
    • Water Resistant
    • Measuring modes include net time, split time, and first and second place times
    • Chronograph Functions include 1/100-second digital stopwatch, hourly time signal, auto calendar, and day/date
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: The Casio CA-53W

    The F91 doesn't have a timer as well, just three basic functions: time, alarm and stopwatch that counts until 1 h, while the Calculator can reach 24 h I think. Also the calendar shows the year, you can mute the beep (something that I like) and the shape is quite comfortable. I also saw it worn by many teenage boys and girls around in the last year or two.

    So the only advantage of the F91 is the poor light and yes, the CA53W is much more comfortable on the wrist due to the better strap.
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