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    Casio of the late 80's or 90'...

    Hi everyone

    First of all, i'm so happy to FINALY have found a forum that is dedicated to watches.

    I'm from France.

    Thanks to tis forum, i was able to identify the watche of Steven Seagal he was wearing in the movie Under Siege ( a Breitling Chronosport) !

    Oh yeah ! because i was so crazy not to be able to find what was this great watch that has Analog and Digital display with this white flashes on the bezel.

    So know, i need your help.

    When i was in junior school ( in the 90's), a classmate used to wear a Casio watche that was so special.

    I really don't remember exactly what it looked like, sometimes i wonder if it was really a Casio ( but i'm pretty sure i was a Casio).

    So i made a little draw of it on Paint. I drew what made it so special. It's a frogman that was in the center of the watch, and the semi cercle used to flash in the same time of the seconds. And the little squares around the semi cercle were aimed to represent the day of the week.

    So if someone has any idea. Don't hesitate.

    Thanks in advance Watchseekers.
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    I think you should post this in the Casio G-Shock forum.

    Those guys really know their Casios, and they are very helpful.

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